Haiti Mission Donation 2011
"I am always grateful for this opportunity to give back and be reminded of the
many blessings in my life." - Carolyn Doerle

"I think it's important because we cannot take things for granted and we
have the resources to be able to assist and help rebuild Haiti." - John Romero

Doerle Food Service has been involved with the FR. Glenn Meaux's Haiti mission by offering donations and aid for 4 years. This year some of the items that were donated included tractor tires, a fuel tank, dental supplies, bee hives, school supplies, shovels, rakes, wheel barrows, several articles of clothing for Men, Women, and children, Shoes, optometrists supplies, and much more. Most of the donations was picked up at father Glenn Meaux's mission in Abbeville, however our Vice President of Operations/Transportation, John Romero, coordinated other donations from other states to be shipped to our warehouse. The donations were then staged and loaded on the next truck going to Haiti.

Doerle Food Service is very proud to assist in any way we can to help rebuild and make a difference in the lives of Haitian's. Carolyn Doerle and John Romero also plan to take a week long trip to Haiti in the near future to volunteer their services.

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