Grocery Order Process

  1. The grocery order form is e-mailed or faxed by the customer to Doerle Food Services.
  2. Doerle's will notify customer that the grocery order has been received into our office.
  3. A Doerle's Customer Service Representative (CSR) will review your order for reasonableness, delivery date, and dock location.
  4. A Doerle's CSR then keys the grocery order into Doerle's AS400 computer.
  5. A Doerle's CSR makes a listing of non-inventory items that must be purchased from outside vendors (buyouts).
  6. The CSR puts the order out to be processed by each of Doerle's five departments in the warehouse including frozen foods, produce, dairy, warehouse, repack.
  7. Items from each of the 5 departments are packaged, stacked on a pallet, and brought to a central staging area in our facility.
  8. The grocery order is loaded onto one of our trucks and delivered according to schedule.
  9. Upon delivery, the grocery invoice and the Doerle delivery ticket are signed by a dispatcher or company representative indicating receipt of groceries.
  10. The groceries are unloaded from the truck and loaded into a grocery box or placed in a designated area.
  11. The invoices and delivery ticket are brought back to Doerle's and processed by the accounting department and mailed out to the customer with 3-4 days of delivery.



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