Our History
Since 1915, three generations of Doerle family members have been involved in the food service business. Throughout their proud history, the Doerle family has earned the respect and loyalty of its customers, as well as national recognition as a food service leader by continuing a tradition of excellence.
Paul Peter Doerle worked for a company out of Beaumont, Texas called Steadman Wholesale Grocery. He worked for twenty four years in Beaumont as a salesman before moving to New Iberia, Louisiana to open his own produce business. He would gradually expand into frozen foods, dried and canned foods, paper products and chemicals for restaurants, hospitals, nursing homes and other institutions. Mr. Doerle's two sons, Paul A. Doerle and his brother Bob, worked for their father for several years learning the ins and outs of the food service industry. His two sons would eventually follow in his footsteps by starting their own separate produce companies. Eventually, Bob sold his business and in 1950 helped his brother Paul build Doerle Food Services into the successful company it is today.

Doerle Food Services was founded in 1950 as a small two-man operation selling produce from the back of a single truck and housed in what was once a cow barn. Paul and his brother Bob would start their day at 2:00 AM and drive to the French Market in New Orleans. Once they arrived at the market, local farmers were backing up their trucks into the market to unload fresh produce that was picked the night before. Paul would walk down the walkway at the market looking for the best price and quality produce to offer his customers. Paul and Bob Doerle's customers soon discovered a dependable supply of fresh hand selected produce and appreciated Doerle's personable business manner and commitment to service. 

In 1980 Doerle Food Services, then known as Doerle's Institutional Wholesale Inc., split it's company into two divisions Doerle Food Service Division and Doerle Offshore Division. Doerle Food Service division would move to a new location in New Iberia, which was acquired from Keyes Fibre Co. The new location would have more than 100,000 Sq. feet of space, expanding the size of our warehouse. Doerle Offshore Division, which provides food and other supply services for marine oilfield operations, would remain in the old building.
In January 1988, Paul appointed his daughter, Carolyn, as President and CEO of the company. He not only passed the baton of succession, but a legacy of commitment to quality and customer service as well. Carolyn started her professional life in the medical field - first as a registered nurse and then, for many years, as an individual and family therapist. In 1980 Carolyn started to feel she needed to take a well-deserved break from the medical field. She decided that she would spend a year or two working in her family's business. That year or two break would turn into a permanent career choice. As president and CEO Carolyn would be instrumental in seeing the company's diversification effort was met with success. Along with that diversification came a change in the company's name in 1989 from Doerle's Institutional Wholesale Inc. Food Service & Offshore to Doerle Food Service Inc.    

Over the years our reputation as a dependable food service provider continued to grow and Doerle's personable business manner and commitment to service made Doerle Food Service stand out from our competition. Due to this rapid growth in sales we started to outgrow our warehouse in New Iberia. We began looking for a bigger warehouse to not only house our Food Service and Energy and Marine divisions, but to have adequate space for continued growth as well. In 2006 Doerle Food Services moved to Broussard due to a lack of freezer space and bottleneck access to Highway 90. The 400,000 square foot building would become the new home of Doerle Food Services and Energy & Marine.

Today Doerle Food Service has grown into a multi-million dollar distributor of grocery, meats, produce, paper, chemical, and table top supplies. The company now services a customer service base which includes family and white tablecloth restaurants, fast food multi-unit chains, healthcare institutions, casinos, schools, government contracts, and the oil & gas industry. Our distribution range now covers parts of a six state area. Due to our rapid growth in both Food Services and Energy and Marine we had to not only expand our headquarters but we also had to open distribution centers in other areas to fill the needs of our growing market. We strategically placed each distribution center in areas that would meet our customersí needs as well as cutting transportation costs.

Doerle Food Service acquired Adcock Distributing and was able to establish our first satellite location in Shreveport in 1998. This gave Doerle's a local presence in Northern Louisiana and enabled us to do significantly more casino business in the area at the time. Five acres was also purchased adjacent to the new operation to build additional freezer space for future growth.
We eventually expanded our distribution area and built a new 60,000 sq. ft. distribution warehouse.

Port Fourchon is the largest deep water port in Louisiana. Around 18-20% of the nationís oil and gas comes through the port. Due to the rapid growth of the oil and gas industry, Doerle's decided to establish a base in Fourchon because of the port'sclose proximity to the drilling activity in the Gulf. We wanted to start servicing supply vessels and deep water rigs. Being in the port gives Doerle's a very short turnaround time which is critical for the supply vessel business. Our distribution warehouse in Port Fourchon was established in 2005. Since then, Doerle Food Service has established itself as the only dockside grocery supply source in Port Fourchon. They continue Doerle's long tradition of providing the freshest produce and dairy products by having it delivered three times a week at this facility. Our Port Fourchon Warehouse also has an onsite generator to continue our operations during power failures. Currently our distribution warehouse in Port Fourchon continues to grow and in the future would like to expand the size of our distribution warehouse.

Our Pasadena distribution warehouse was established in 2010. Doerle Energy and Marine division wanted to expand our customer base to include tug/tow boats, land base camps in South West Texas and to also cover the coast of Texas for a shorter turnaround time and lower the cost of transportation for our customers. Our Pasadena Distribution warehouse also continues the tradition of service to our customers with a short turnaround time and always provides them with high quality products.

Doerle Food Services continues its tradition in providing its customers with excellent customer service and quality foods. Carolyn Doerle continues to lead Doerle Food Service into the future by creating new and innovative ways to expand our market and constantly finding up-to-date technology solutions. Carolyn is also involved in several philanthropic endeavors that provides aid overseas as well as in the local community. Carolyn Doerle continues her family's tradition in providing superior products and services at competitive prices. Doerle Food Service is dedicated to the services we provide and determined to exceed our customersí expectations.



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