Product Packaging

We package your products according to your needs.

General packaging guidelines:

  • Frozen food items are packed in heavy duty cardboard, wax lined boxes which is marked "frozen". We put approximately 20 lbs of dry ice to 30 lbs of frozen foods.
  • Ice cream is packaged in Styrofoam ice chests with dry ice.
  • Produce is packaged in brown cardboard boxes. We put packages of wet ice with the produce to extend the shelf life.
  • Individual items (cans of fruits or vegetables, seasonings, pasta, condiments) are picked from our "repack line" and placed in boxes labeled "grocery"
  • All packages are placed on pallets and shrink wrapped and each pallet is labeled with the job name.
  • If we are told in advance that an order is going on the back of a boat to be transported to the job site, we will shrink wrap the pallets then cover each pallet with a heavy duty plastic cover.
  • For larger orders, with the customers ok, we will package the frozen foods in a sea chest which is a 4 foot cubed, heavy duty card board box. We put approximately 100 lbs of dry ice in the sea chest; place the lid on tight and shrink wrap the lid to the box.



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