We have a wide range of beef, pork, poultry, fish and seafood products and in most cases have a choice of "quality" levels.

Dry groceries
All of our canned goods and staple products are quality brands. Most items can be purchased by the individual can or package.

We inventory Borden's dairy products and ice cream, Blue Bell ice cream, most ice cream novelties. We guarantee 10 days on all milk products.

We buy most of our produce in truckload volumes direct from California. We receive produce into our facility every day. We select under ripe produce (green bananas & light pink tomatoes) for our customers because we want them to ripen at the job site. 

Paper Products
We have a complete line of paper products in both name brand and generic brand.

Cleaning Supplies
Our cleaning products range from the top of the line commercial products (U.S. Chemical) to household brands (409) to generic brands.

We inventory over 100 of the most commonly used kitchen utensils but have access within 2-3 day delivery of any kitchen small ware item known to a cook.

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